2021 the last year with Hamilton driving for Mercedes?

Lewis Hamilton showed up at the presentation of his new Mercedes Formula 1 wagon. It called the W12. Hamiton explained during the presentation also why he only signed for one year with the team, with which he won six of his seven world titles. “It is not really necessary to look too far ahead”, he said during the most recent presentation.

Hamilton contract for 2021

Briton says that concerning his new contract, which will only keep him at Mercedes for 2021. After months of negotiations, it was expected that the defending champion and Mercedes would close a multi-year deal. This was also the stated intention of both parties. However, Hamilton now says he appreciates a shorter deal’s flexibility, especially with seven titles in his pocket.

“I am in the fortunate position that I have already achieved most of what I wanted to achieve,” the 36-year-old Hamilton refers to his record number of victories and pole positions in Formula 1 as he ranks with Michael with seven titles to his name. 

Schumacher can also call the record champion of the premier class. “It is, therefore not really necessary to look too far ahead.”

“Also, we live in a different time, so I only wanted to draw for one year. That way, we can always talk about it and stick to it every year for a year,” says Hamilton. He is increasingly emerging outside Formula 1 as a champion for equality. He plays a significant role in campaigns for diversity and against racism.

What will the future bring for Mercedes and Hamilton?

Team boss Toto Wolff further indicates that Mercedes and Hamilton, after the necessary delay during the negotiations due to the corona pandemic, also wanted to reach an agreement with the 2021 season ahead at one point. Closing a deal for one year was more comfortable than looking (much) further forward.

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