Five tips for outsmarting bookmakers

Making a profit by placing sports bets – who wouldn’t want this? That is why we have investigated how that is possible for you. For this, we consulted the betting tipster of the official European bookmaker’s website This professional sports bettor gave us five tips for beating bookmakers. The first message we got is that only 2% of all players who place sports bets are profitable in the long term. So it seems we could definitely use some tips.

1) Focus on extreme conditions

Bookmakers base their odds (or odds) on algorithms that consider a great deal of historical data from matches. In general, the odds of bookmakers are therefore very accurate. Still, historical data does not say everything about the possible outcome of a game. Do you want what if the motivation of a team is entirely different from usual? What if a team gets two red cards during the game? What if a trainer starts with a lot of other players than usual? In such situations, algorithms can sometimes fail to determine the odds. So focus on events and competitions where extreme conditions occur to maximize your chances of winning.

2) Specialize in less popular competitions / betting options 

Like other companies, bookmakers aim to make a profit. They align their investments with the competitions. Bookmakers run a greater risk at significant leagues such as the Eredivisie. If they make a mistake in the odds there, many players will bet on that bet. This can quickly lead to large losses. It should come as no surprise that they spend a lot of money and time making those odds as accurate as possible. Logically, bookmakers run a lower risk in smaller leagues or less popular betting options. The financial consequences will be much shorter if bookmakers make a mistake. As a result, they will spend less time and money accurately estimating those odds. Focus on less popular matches and bets so you can more easily spot bookmaker mistakes. 

3) Keep an eye on social media 

You can outsmart the bookies by getting hold of information before the bookmakers. Social media is the ideal tool for this. Suppose you keep an eye on social media channels of teams and athletes directly. In that case, you have information before news sites and bookmakers have. You can use this information to find profitable bets. This may include player injuries, team lineups, corona cases, etc.

4) Play single bets

Bookmakers offer you the possibility to combine multiple bets. Here you will only win if all selected bets are correct, but you will also get a higher amount if you win. Placing these multiple bets or “lists” is one of the most common mistakes. No player who regularly bets on multiple bets is profitable in the long run. The explanation? Pretty simple: a bookmaker applies a profit margin to every bet. 

If you combine three bets, you will also pay three times the profit margin. With single bets, you can compare the odds and bet with the bookmaker with the highest odds. If you combine the bets, you will have to place all bets with one bookmaker, and you will lose this advantage.

Bookmakers betting tips5) Bankroll management

But the very last tip is immediately the most important. No matter how good you are at beating bookmakers, you will never be profitable in the long run without good bankroll management. If you like to place a sports bet, the best approach is to set aside a certain amount that you are willing to invest in sports betting. It is recommended that you never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on one bet. You run the risk of losing your bet with every bet. If you bet too much of your bankroll, you run the risk of losing a lot of money to bad luck in the short term, even though you could be profitable in the long run.

Would you like to receive more Tips & Tricks about sports betting? Take a look at the website of our friends from But don’t forget, in addition to these five tips, it may be even more vital that you simply have fun placing sports bets. Do you have questions about responsible betting? Keep in mind that bookmakers have several resources to help you with this, including self-exclusion.

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