Gambler loses $ 6,000 bet won on cheating allegations

A gambler who is not mentioned by name appeared to win a considerable amount during the Super Bowl in America but does not receive a penny from the bookmaker. The person in question is accused of cheating, and the bookmaker has decided to discontinue all services and products offered.

“streaker who took to the field during the Super Bowl”

We’ve already devoted several articles to the streaker who took to the field during the Super Bowl. Still, news of this event keeps pouring in. This afternoon we already announced that the streaker, Yuri Andrade, could whistle to his 300,000 euros. Yet, now a story has surfaced again of someone who does not receive his money from bookmaker Bovada. The person in question had bet on a streaker during the Super Bowl and won this bet. This because Andrade came on the field as the straighter. The gambler was supposed to be transferred $ 6,000. Instead, the bookie decided to withhold his money and exclude the person from any future bets.

Accused of cheating

The gambler is accused of cheating by bookmaker Bovada. Because Andrade had planned his streaker action and bet money on it, anyone with prior knowledge of this action was not paid his money. According to Bovada, the gambler would have known Andrade would take the field. “While conducting our investigation, your account was found to be in violation of our terms of service and the Player Agreement,” the best provider’s message read. “As a result of this breach, a decision has been made to terminate our business relationship with you and to discontinue all services and products offered.”

The person in question, who just graduated, was dumbfounded. “I just graduated, so that’s a lot of money for me,” the gambler told Front Office Sports. “I have had an account with Bovada since 2017, and I have lost more than I would have won with the bet from.” The bookmaker has not yet responded to the person who can now whistle for his 6000 dollars.

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