Inter Milan VS. Juventus

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This Tuesday, Inter Milan and Juventus will play the semi-finals’ opening game for the Coppa Italia. Both teams also played against each other in Serie A two weeks ago. Then Inter won 2-0. Who will take a giant step towards the final on Tuesday?


Inter Milan reached the last eight of the cup tournament by eliminating Fiorentina. Inter had the most incredible possible difficulty against Fiorentina. Thanks to a 1-1 it managed to get an extension out of the fire and who else but the Belgian goal-getter Romelu Lukaku gave Inter the victory: 1-2.

AC Milan also had a lot of problems in the eighth-finals. Torino saw to it that the Rossonerri had to go to extremes to join the quarter-finalists. In the end, penalties were needed to make up the difference. AC Milan proved slightly better in this and eliminated Torino 5-4.

Inter and AC Milan both failed to win in Serie A last weekend. Inter did not get further than 0-0 in the away game against Udinese. AC Milan also had a bad result during its latest match. They went down hard against Atalanta Bergamo with a 0-3 lost for AC Milan.

Odds for betting on Inter Milan – Juventus

A real favourite cannot be immediately designated for the Coppa Italia match, because a city derby is unpredictable. Online bookmakers have rated AC Milan’s odds higher than Inter’s. This means that the home team still gets a slight advantage from the football betting sites.

The pre-odds immediately rise too high heights when Inter wins! A winning prediction on the home team is worth 2.11 times your stake. The profit bonus increases even further when AC Milan manages to get into the Coppa Italia semi-final: 3.05. Should there be an extension to be able to select a winner? Then players who bet on this in the 1 × 2 game system receive an average of 3.60 the playing amount!

Football betting on Inter Milan VS. Juventus

The Coppa Italia was first held in 1922 and is one of the world’s largest cup tournaments. You can bet on football via Football Betting because you will find all combi deals, top odds at the best football bookmakers and the best match specials!

The quarter-final match Inter Milan – AC Milan will be played on Tuesday, January 26 and starts at 8:45 PM. Pre-stage bets will close once the kick-off has taken place. From that moment on you can still score a lot via Football betting with live betting on the Coppa Italia. Will you be the winner at Inter – AC Milan?